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At Carhart Customs LLC, we utilize the latest technology in bedlining developed by SUPERLINER, which is the most economically sound, high-build, and impact resistant polymer coating available. By combining UV stability, high-gloss retention and custom graphics, Carhart Customs LLC has acquired a distinct advantage over the competition.

Let me shoot it all over your bed!

Can be applied on just about anything:

  •     Steel, aluminum, plastic, wood/decking, concrete, stainless steel
  •     Car trailers, goosenecks, aluminum trailers, enclosed and horse trailers
  •     Jeep, truck, and SUV cabs and tubs
  •     Semi trailers, fenders, frames, tanks
  •     Construction-Farm equipment and tools

Bedliner Pricing:

8' pickup box      $525
        Over-rail           $550
6' pickup box               $485
        Over-rail                   $500
Compact pickup truck  $425
        Over-rail  $450
Rocker Panel       $250-$385
        *****Ask for rocker panel estimate   

* Hand sanded * U.V. protected material * Adhesion promoter used * Color matching * Will not fade or breakdown*

*All colors and color matching available at current market value. Ask about custom metal flake!

This truck is a great example of how bedliner can make a used truck look brand new. This pick-up suffered extreme fire damage.

This is what the truck looked like when it was first put into the shop.  
The truck was then sanded down to bare metal. The unburned areas were hand sanded using 80 grit sandpaper. Sanding and scratching are standard on every bedliner.  
After sanding the bed, several coats of industrial strength, oil-based primer was applied.  
Once the primer is dry a coat of bedliner primer is sprayed, let dry and finally the white bedliner is applied.  

This truck is a great example of how dents and body damage can be fixed and bedliner is applied for protection.

This truck had extensive dents and rocker-panel damage.  
The dents are pulled & fixed.  
Just like new!! Bedliner is sprayed on the rocker-panels.  

Custom Sprays

Fiberglass semi-truck fenders

These are color matched to the cab of the truck and sprayed on both sides. The underside is a gun-barrel black

Want your liner to stand out? ask about graphics! Spray in your truck emblem, your business info/logo, or anything else!
Bedliner Graphics
Emblems-Business Names-Graphics

This belly-dump has the fenders, dump gates, rear stinger, skid plate and frame work along the sides sprayed red to color match the cab

The roof top of the truck below was beginning to rust and much of the paint was missing. I also sprayed the side window accents at the same time. 


SUPERLINER is a truly high performance aliphatic polyurea elastomer with high tensile strength, elongation, and abrasion resistance. It also has superior color retention, gloss retention, chemical resistance, and storage ability. Because of the aliphatic content, the high physical properties will stay high, and not drop off quickly after exposure to sun and weather like other liners. SuperLiner sprays fast with coats 1/8" thick on horizontal surfaces. Excellent uses are truck bedliner; horse trailer lining, tank lining or anywhere a strong abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, AND weather-resistant liner is required.---Courtesy of Superliner and


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