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Bench & Table Tops

Bench and Table Tops are generally made out of rock, wood, tile, sheet-metal, expanded-metal, and glass. Benches and tables are made to last!! Everyone of them have a high quality finish on the framework and the tops require the same attention. Indoor or outdoor these benches/tables have to last, here is a list of extra precautions taken:

    Made to fit any size of table
    Can be frosted, or laser etched

    Cut and fit to any size of table or bench
    Sprayed with at least three coats of industrial clear coat, polished smooth

    Hand cut, hand made for any table or bench
    Sealer used

    Cut and reinforced to fit any area
    Powdercoated for a flawless finish

    Cut and reinforced, clean edges, several sizes and styles to choose from
    Powdercoated for a flawless finish

    Cut to fit any table or bench
    Beveled, sealed, and waxed to last forever


Rocks are cut, fit to size, and the top polished by Hankins Stone of Dove Creek CO. The rock is then taken, washed, and I bevel the edges with a special grinding disk.




The rock top is then sealed; this brings out the color of the rock and help keeps moisture out.


After the sealer drys, two coats of wax are applied for a smooth glossy finish that water just beads off of.




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