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Benches & Tables

All of the Carhart Customs' benches have a one of a kind design and finish. Every bench offers a solid rock or wood top for a natural look. Rock tops are all polished and beveled on the edges and come in an array of several colors such as, buff, red, pink, purple, and many others. Wood tops are generally a single piece of wood accented with different colors and have a very thick gloss coating. The bench backs can have any kind of design or lettering plasma cut into them. Benches come powdercoated, torch colored, painted or bedlined.

For more information on bench and table tops please click here: Bench & Table top page 



The bench above has a beautiful elk scene plasma cut into the back rest. The arm rests have a smooth rolling texture and fan out at the end of the scroll. Square tubing makes up the main frame work which is torch colored and clear colored for a high gloss finish and durability. The rock top came from Hankins Stone Co. which was quarried at Cross Canyon near Dove Creek CO.

This bench has a solid flagstone top with a beautiful mountain scene cut into the back rest. The tubing is textured on all corners and the arm rests have a unique scroll design engraved into them with textured corners as well.


This bench is made from original farm equipment and has a solid flag-stone top. The rock was cut and polished by Hankins Stone of Dove Creek, Colorado.

This bench Is an all-steel, powdercoated waiting bench at Fiesta Mexicana Moab, UT.



Customize your bench to say anything!

For more information on bench and table tops please click here: Bench & Table top page 

Taking bench and table orders daily!!!

Carhart Customs also specializes in tables, chairs, end-tables, and coffee tables. Any design, size, height, finish, and top you like. Tops can be made using rock, wood, tile, glass, stained-glass, or anything else you want to use!

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