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Custom Projects

At Carhart Customs we take pleasure in producing custom projects for businesses and individuals. We take your designs and apply them in a way that makes your ideas come to life. If you have a project or design in mind please email, leave a comment or feel free to call. I've gotten so many great ideas from customers, please, please keep them coming! We can also add, subtract, or change a predesigned item to suit your expectations. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Custom Headstones, & Markers: website coming soon!!

Custom shelving around wood stove
Custom Front Desk
and Check-out table for a business in Durango.

American Legion Memorial:
4 1/2' tall 7' wing span with 20" natural-gas burner.


Custom Coat-rack using deer antlers:

AC and Trash-can Covers: 
2 things everyone has and needs to hide.!


Memorial / Name-Plate Sunflowers:

John Deere Weathervane: (we can make any style you may like)

Custom XL Wood Stove:


Custom Mailboxes


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Most items are made from salvaged parts and used agricultural equipment. Recycling parts helps keep my pricing reasonable and makes your piece unique.
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