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Fire Pits

Fire pits and cookers of all shapes, sizes, styles, and finishes, to suit any outdoor décor! Add warmth and ambiance to those cool camping nights and outdoor gatherings with these easy to use, fire pits and rings. With my rustic, casual styling, a wood-burning fire pit will make an attractive addition to your patio setting.

Fire Rings:
Any cut-out, any design. Sliding pins on both sides of the ring make it easy to break-down and move/store.

The Camper: 
This is a two-piece fire pit, the top "pan" is removable for easy clean out, or to take along on that camping trip. Rugged design means this pit will last for years!

Fire place/pit pokers:
Rugged construction, welded chain handle, 28-36 inches long.
Single Poker: $25


Tractor Rim Cooker:
Self Leveling, two piece cooker. Top cooking surface hinges up for clean-out or raking coals down. 48" dia. cooking top.


Fire Discs: 
One piece fire pit made completely out of salvaged farm equipment. This pit will burn for years with high quality parts at a low price.


Fire Pit:  
Big fire pit, without a big mess! This fire ring is a must have, great for large gartherings.      
made out of used farm equipment.

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