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Metal Cut-outs

    Metal Cut-outs, Silhouette Work & Signs
Any design, picture, or lettering you can come up with can be cut out! Ask us about cutting out your personalized piece, lettering, or sign. Most pieces are machine cut, hand cut silhouettes available upon request. All metal thickness is 16ga or thicker.

Any design, any size! Enter Kyle's World of PlasmaCam!

Personalize your cut-out!


Order Plain Cut-outs of anything you want!


 I cut several different pieces a week, this page is just a small representation of the actual number of cut-outs I've made. Please, just ask about cutting out your design, or incorporating it into any other metal art piece.

Turn your Cut-out into a key or coat rack!





Hand Cutting Items
When you order a hand cut item you get an something that is 100% guaranteed hand made, not computer cut with 20 of the samething. Each piece is unique and the small imperfections bring life to your original, one-of-a-kind cut-out.



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