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Wine & Vine

All pieces are manufactured from sturdy wrought iron and fit a standard bottle size. Order your wine rack in classic wine & vine colors; Leaves are done in neutral green; brown, gold and copper tones accent the vine work; The grapes are purple, gold, and dark red or select any other designer powdercoat finish to coordinate and complement your space. I quality inspect every piece to insure customer satisfaction. All of the pieces ship UPS and are completely assembled and ready for use.

Wine Racks:

Each wine rack is hand crafted using hot-hammered rod iron for a natural look. Grape leaves and tendrils accent the piece for a very unique design. Solid steel balls make up the grape clusters. Chose from several different color options: natural/semi-natural (2nd one pictured has silver stem to match stainless steel appliances) Smoke black (looks great in any "darker" designed kitchen) copper-color mix looks great, any combination possible!!!
Mounting: I suggest a 3/8"x2" "I" bolt when hanging from the ceiling (screwed into a stud). If your ceilings are too high a nice, "L" bracket (like the ones used for hanging plants) works great. Just screw the bracket into a stud and hang the wine rack. 

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